Various type of works for road construction such as excavation, filling and regulating the base


This type of work is, the excavation of all kinds of materials, such as sand, gravel, stony soils and similar grounds located within the boundaries of the project, soils with high water content, high fluid cohesion, mudstone, shale, soft marl, soft tuffs, weathered and lost rock character, and a volume of 0.400 m3 Excavation of all kinds of rubble stones and rock fragments, flexible superstructure layers and bituminous surface coatings, etc.


It is the work on the field application by making the necessary studies in accordance with the projects, within the conditions specified in the highway technical specification, with the excavations or other suitable materials.


This type of work is smooth and fine leveling of the road leveling level, ditches, filling and cut slopes after the completion of the art structures and earthworks to a significant extent.