About Eğiler Construction

for beautify our world, to live in better environment and to leave well works to our loved ones that we care...
EĞİLER İNŞAAT, which has been serving in the asphalt road construction applications and landscaping sector since 1995, closely follows contemporary and aesthetic works, adopting customer satisfaction as the basic principle and has taken its place in this field.

Our Mission

To contribute to the national economy with the projects we carry out on national and international platforms with our professional team, depending on the quality, trust, stability and core values.

Our Vision

To carry the solid structure that we have created by kneading with the experiences we have gained in our country and many parts of the world to the next generations, depending on our traditions and open to innovations and developments, is to serve in the best way with the strength we get with our employees.

Our Quality Policy

We have adopted the principle of fulfilling all responsibilities and requirements of our business without compromising on quality, being in harmony with our employees and business partners, fulfilling the legal requirements and regulations, and reaching the highest level of quality in every work we have signed.