Colored Asphlat

Colored-patterned asphalt production and application for various surfaces and aplications
The Colored & Patterned Asphalt application is the most durable decorative flooring system developed in the last thirty years. Colored & Patterned Asphalt is a decorative asphalt printing system that is far ahead of the individual paving stones, bricks and other flooring products in terms of appearance, harmony with the environment where it is applied and architecture. It is a composite product that contains the strength of cement and the flexibility of asphalt.


With decorative printing molds, asphalt, brick, cobblestone, herringbone, interlocking stone, fisco, slate or any designed pattern can be given. After the asphalt surface is printed, the surface is colored using the Color Surface Coating System. Color Surface Coating is a special asphalt coating paint with a colored binder and hardener reinforced with water-based acrylic resin. It increases the strength of asphalt, prevents cracking and deterioration.